Fab Father’s Day gifts from the forties

Note: This article may feature affiliate links, and purchases made may earn us a commission at no extra cost to you. Find out more here.

Note: This article may feature affiliate links, and purchases made may earn us a commission at no extra cost to you. Find out more here.

If you’ve ever been curious as to why neckties and aftershave are considered the quintessential Father’s Day gifts, wonder no more. As these pages from the 1940s show, advertisers have been promoting these products as the perfect presents for dad for more than seventy years.

Fab Father's Day gifts from the forties

Wembley neckties for Father’s Day (1942)

Junior is showing you it’s a good idea to make sure your Father’s Day tie is a Wembley Nor-East Non-Crush. Because this imported fabric takes all sorts of punishment and fights off wrinkles. So Dad ties it easily and smoothly, time after time… keeping him looking as smart and appealing as in his “courting” days. See “Pleasure Aisle” filled with colorful Wembley Ties at your favorite men’s shop.

LIFE Jun 8, 1942 ties


Superba cravats and ties (1945)

How well do you know Dad?

LIFE Jun 11, 1945 ties


Old Spice aftershave and cologne (1948)

Sail into Dad’s heart

LIFE Jun 7, 1948 old spice


Courtley men’s toiletries and aftershave (1948)

A great moment in masculinity… A sure hit… with Dad! A Courtley gift is the perfect gift for Father’s Day… for Courtley products express to perfection the finest in masculinity.

LIFE Jun 7, 1948 aftershave


Courtley men’s toiletries, cologne and aftershave (1949)

You’re looking at a Father’s Day miracle! Ever see such handsome gifts for any man? For a few dollars, you give months (even years) of superlative Courtley grooming.

LIFE Jun 13, 1949 cologne


Arrow Arazephyr shirts, ties and handkerchiefs (1948)

For a cool, cool Father’s Day… give Dad Arrow Arazephyrs! What an ensemble for Dad.

LIFE Jun 7, 1948 shirts


Bing Crosby for Personna razor blades for Father’s Day (1945)

Bing Crosby says, “I’ll be a glad dad… when my four little shavers give me Personna Blades on Father’s Day!”

LIFE Jun 11, 1945 bing personna


Gillette Super Speed Razor Set (1948)

LIFE Jun 7, 1948 razor set


Speidel watchbands (1948)

LIFE Jun 7, 1948 tobacco


Edgeworth tobacco (1942)

You gave the BEST — and that’s what counts with dad on Father’s Day.

LIFE Jun 8, 1942 tobacco


Buy underwear for your dad! (1945)

Your treat this time! Give Dad the comfort he wants and the style you want. Give him casual wear from BVD!

LIFE Jun 11, 1945 ties 2


Reis sportsware and underwear (1948)

When Dad is king for a day… give him gifts fit for a king.

LIFE Jun 7, 1948 underwear



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