Hula hoopers are whooping it up (1958)

Hula hoopers are whooping it up! How agile are you? The hula hoop, latest toy to send everyone into a spin, has hit the Steubenville area with a (pardon us) lot of hoopla. You've seen them. Practically ev... Read more...

“DDT is good for me-e-e!” (1947)

"DDT is good for me-e-e!" The great expectations held for DDT have been realized. During 1946, exhaustive scientific tests have shown that, when properly used, DDT kills a host of destructive insect pests, a... Read more...
The Telephone & How We Use It (from 1951)

The rotary-dial telephone and how we use it (1951)

The Telephone and How We Use It was published by Bell Telephone System in 1951. Geared toward children, the booklet covers the basics of how to use a rotary-dial telephone - the latest technology of the time.

President Lincoln’s funeral (1865)

Remains of President Lincoln in Chicago Yesterday was a marked day in the history of Chicago -- a day long to be remembered by the hundreds of thousands, who witnessed the grand and imposing ceremony of re... Read more...

Month-by-month calendar icons (1965)

Here's a whole year's worth of cute retro drawings that you can use to make your own calendar -- and they come to you right to you from 1965. Just click here or on the calendar image below to get a larger versi... Read more...

A treasury of 100+ vintage Christmas cookie recipes

If you're looking to recreate that special cookie that your grandmother used to make, or hoping to discover an old-fashioned cookie to make new again, we have assembled some this big, tasty collection of recipes -- classic, vintage, retro, heirloom and antique -- for sweet treats this Christmastime!

The Statue of Liberty unveiled (1886)

Liberty Unveiled America Accepts the Gift of the French People A city afloat hid in fog And a Million or So of People Ashore Making Holiday in the Wet The giant statue shrouded in mists like a m... Read more...

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