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How to peel shrimp (1904)

How to peel shrimp (1904)

It may seem trifling to those who know how to do it, to say anything about peeling shrimps, but there is a right way and a wrong way -- and it is surely worthwhile to practice the former.
How easy and relaxing spinal anesthesia would make the patient in 1902

The new spinal anesthesia: Put cocaine in the spine (1902)

A remarkable operation for producing spinal anesthesia, daring in its conception and brilliant in its results, was performed - injecting into the spine a solution of cocaine, so within a few minutes the sense of pain is entirely obliterated.
How The Wizard of Oz found the stage (1909)

How “The Wizard of Oz” found the stage (1909)

Says L Frank Baum, author of The Wizard of Oz: The thought of making my fairy tale into a play had never even occurred to me when, one evening, my doorbell rang and I found a spectacled young man standing on the mat.