Michael Landon at home (1975)

Original publication: American Home Date: March 1975
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Meet the Michael Landons

by Muriel Davidson

Michael Landon’s “Big House in Beverly Hills” is a far cry from the “Little House on the Prairie” featured in his hit TV series. But, says the former “Bonanza” star, he and Lynn and their six lively children “really live in this house — we don’t just look at it.”

The Landons’ house of contrasts: stained-glass window over stairway (above); marble fireplace in living room (left); crystal, gilt and velvet in dining room (bottom, left); old wood privy (below) built into “Bonanza Room” (opposite). There, John, 15, and Leslie, 12, flank Lynn; Mike and Shawna, 3, share a chair made from old horseshoes.

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Source publication: American Home

Publication date: March 1975

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