Way before mobile phones, AT&T and Bell Telephone launched wireless telephone service (1919)

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Generations before mobile phones were a thing, ATT 1919

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Wireless telephone: Pioneering wireless speech

On the morning of October 22, 1915, an engineer speaking at Arlington, Virginia, was heard at Eiffel Tower, Paris and at Pearl Harbor, Hawaiian Islands.

This was the first trans-Atlantic and trans-continental message ever sent by wireless telephone. It was an achievement of the Bell System.

During the Fifth Liberty Loan [during WWI], nearly a million people, in throngs of ten thousand, heard speeches and music by wire and wireless.

The loud-speaking was a main feature of Victory Way, New York. Wireless came from aviators flying overhead and long distance speeches from government officials in Washington. Messages were often magnified several billion times.

This demonstration was the first of its kind in the history of the world. It also was an achievement of the Bell System.

Historic were also the war-time uses of wireless telephony, giving communication between airplanes and from mother ships to submarine chasers.

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All these accomplishments and uses were made possible by the work of the research laboratories of the Bell system.

American Telephone and Telegraph Company and associated companies

Wireless telephone service in 1919 - crowd listening

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