Vintage paper welders: Old office page fasteners, or a no staple stapler

Vintage paper welders Old office page fasteners that worked without staples

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Old paper welders were small metal presses that essentially embossed two or three pieces of paper together — no staples or paperclips needed. Here’s a look back at these handy old-fashioned silver-toned office desk accessories!

Wonderful Paper Welder

Papers are fastened together by simple pressure of hand on lever of Paper Welder. One press of the handle welds papers together. The weld is as strong as the strength of the paper itself.

A definite saving in money because there are no metallic fasteners to buy. It costs nothing to push down the handle. The Paper Welder is precision built, neat, smart appearing, polished chrome plate, and should last indefinitely.

Vintage paper welder office supplies from the 60s and 70s (2)

Plus Paper Clinch Compact Staple Free Staple Blue Turquoise
  • EASY TO USE: Just open and slide corner of paper and press -- instantly the paper are fastened. The Paper Clinch fastens paper without the use of staples and the Power Assist Mechanism is designed to...
  • LONG LASTING: The Paper Clinch is durable for multiple uses that is reliable thru constant stapling. The compact design allows it store easily in your desk; back pack; brief case; purse or drawer.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT & COMFORTABLE: Ergonomically designed for one handed use. Palm sized for easy handling and perfect for everyone including children and seniors.

Here’s how PAPER WELDER is quicker, faster, neater


With letters carrying enclosures, the Welder is a neat method of fastening important inserts, with assurance that they will reach the recipient intact. Will weld up to six sheets (16#) some cases more.

Another fine feature is that a simple pressure of thumbnail or any smooth object on the weld unlocks papers without mutilation. An ideal gift with name engraved on handle or base.

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“Has actually modernized our office paperwork”

• Paper Welded sheets lie flat, save space in files.
• No clogged machines.
• No refills to insert.
• No bulky files.
• No lost inserts.
• No staples to remove.
• The desk looks neater with the smart appearing, artistically designed Welder.
• Ideal for tabulating cards.
• Excellent for multiple copies when put through folding machines.

Vintage paper welder office supplies from the 60s and 70s (1)

Kokuyo Stapleless Stapler, Harinacs Press, Holeless for 5 Sheets Binding (White)
  • [Needleless Stapling] The ingenious crimp binding design allows you to securely bind paper without staples, eliminating the hassle of replenishing staples and concerns about needle contamination. It...
  • [Sleek and Smart Closure] With its press-lock mechanism, this stapler creates a subtle and aesthetically pleasing closure on paper without punching any holes. It ensures a neat and professional finish...
  • [Easy Removal] When you want to remove the stapled paper, simply rub the crimped closure with a pen cap, stapler, or other hard object to easily separate the binding papers.

Goodbye Mr Clips!

Excuse the lame pun but it’s true — you can now free yourself of such cumbersome paraphernalia as paper clips & staples.

Our handsome chrome Paper Welder smartly “welds” up to 6 sheets of paper, with just one gentle stroke. And it never needs refills.

Keeps your files slim and neat, your copier from blowing a fuse and your fingernails from breaking. No quicker or less expensive way to establish yourself as a progressive executive. Order yours right now!

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Vintage paper welders page fasteners

Kokuyo Harinacs Stapleless Stapler, Up to 10 Sheets 64gsm Copy Paper Binding, Pink, Japan Import...
  • [Convenient 10-Sheet Stapling] KOKUYO's unique stapling mechanism, which won The Best Stationery Award in Japan in 2014, allows you to staple up to 10 sheets smoothly and effortlessly. Experience...
  • [Needleless Stapling] Enjoy the convenience of stapling paper without the use of traditional staples. This eliminates the need to replenish staples and the worry of mixing staples with other items...
  • [Secure and Reliable Closure] The shape of the binding hole is designed as an arrow blade structure that minimizes detachment and ensures a tight grip. Feel confident stapling documents with multiple...

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