3 ways to decorate 1 living room: Vintage home style from the ’60s

One living room, decorated 3 different ways (1965)

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A bit of living room magic in 3 acts (1965)

Home decor from the sixties: A setting for a lovely resort at home

“Because the new, young pattern is to go skiing or snorkeling in winter and to take off-season trips in the fall and spring, we’ll soon all be spending our summers at home.

“But to make a summer at home completely enjoyable takes more than air conditioning. It means turning your house into a summer resort.” So says Martin Kuckly, AID, vice president of John Gerald Associates, Interior Designers.

“Stage a complete change of scene — it’s good summer theater and makes good sense to do this via slipcovers. The look you want is cool, clean, fresh.

Either duplicate the color schemes you have but in a more summery version, or do something dramatically different. But whatever approach you choose pick your fabrics as carefully as if you were re-upholstering and get the best workmanship you can afford.”

For their home, Mr and Mrs Kuckly have two sets of slipcovers, draperies, and curtains — think nothing of switching tables, lamps, accessories to create a setting.

Vintage living room decor, Act I: Winter evening

The Kuckly living room in winter dress is very suave, very sophisticated, very French, down to the red-white-and-blue color scheme. There’s lots of red for warmth and atmosphere: plush carpeting, felt curtains (felt by Central-Shippee), wool on the lounge chair.

Blue velvet sofa, fake fur accents, and accessories which are a personal mix of old and new, complete the winter scheme. The abstract painting over the sofa is by Mr Kuckly.

Vintage living room decor - Winter evening

Vintage living room decor, Act II: A day in May

The stage is set for early summer, the red-white-and-blue scheme is fresh as a pennant fluttering in the breeze. One brilliant print covers all the seating pieces.

A white throw banded in blue replaces the fur table cover; sill-length polka-dotted curtains, potted plants, plus a pair of shutters dress a summer window to perfection.

All fabrics by Everfast. The white lacquer T-square (or Parsons) table came from the Kucklys’ bedroom. Lighthearted accessories say summer as simply as do the massed green plants.

One room three different ways - Home decor from 1965 - A day in May

Vintage living room decor, Act III: A morning in August

Same room, same furniture, but it’s costumed in black and white. Two geometrics, a check, a stripe, plus one floral, and an all-white linen Rya rug change the scene completely.

Mr Kuckly’s abstract painting is in storage, in its stead is a cool seascape from the bedroom. Inexpensive Mexican tin tray and candlestick, a mirrored box, and a collection of seashells are perfect summer mood makers.

One room three different ways - Home decor from 1965 - August morning

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