Coke keeps you thin! (1961)

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Coke keeps you thin

Coke keeps you thin! (1961 Coke commercial)

In this 1961 Coca-Cola commerical, actress Connie Clausen explains that Coke is low in calories and will help keep you thin.

Transcript of “Coke keeps you thin!” TV commercial

You know, this was me five years ago, and it’s still me. I must confess, I’m a waistline watcher from way back.

Well, that’s enough for today. Time for a lively lift: Ice-cold Coca-Cola. There’s no waistline worry with Coke, you know. Actually, this individual-size bottle has no more calories than half a grapefruit.

Mmm — another thing — the cold crisp taste of Coke is so satisfying, it keeps me from eating something else that might really add those pounds.

Coke’s a natural, wholesome blending of pure food flavors. I guess that’s why everyone likes the refreshing new feeling you get only from not-too-sweet Coca-Cola.

And no wonder. Lively, lifty Coca-Coca provides a welcome bit of quick energy between meals. Makes for a pleasant pause in a busy day.

Oh, and remember, Coke is low in calories, too. Say now — don’t you get any thinner!

Coca-Cola Christmas Commerical (1961)

Again with Connie Clausen, she talks about the new family-size bottle of coke, and the new, refreshing feeling Coca-Cola provides.

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