A silent star’s makeup: Colleen Moore face powder (1928-1929)

Colleen Moore face powder from the Owl Drug Co.

The cosmetician, like the artist, dreams of his master creation. Darnee had given us Colleen Moore face powder — a finely milled adherent powder, delicately scented, suggestive of an early morn bouquet. 

A powder you can use this year, next year and always. Blends perfectly with Blonde, Brunette or Titian beauty types.

The powder of youth.

Send 75c for the powder and 10c for packing and postage to the Owl Drug Co. or any agent… specify shade wanted.

Other Colleen Moore beauty aids are Lip Stick, Rouge, Compact, Beauty Cream, Astringent, Perfume, Toilet Water, Talcum, Body Powder, Solid Perfume, Liquid Nail POlish and Remover and Vanishing Cream.


‘Wearing’ face powder

Allan Bullard had met Martha in New London, but today he was not sure — she looked different — could it be? Was it possible she didn’t go to Bermuda with her mother?

For the first time, she was ‘wearing’ Colleen Moore Face Powder…


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Until the dance is over

To preserve the complexion charm that associates itself with youth… to avoid all suggestion of ‘make up’… that is the mission of Colleen Moore Face Powder.

Colleen Moore Face Powder contributes notably to a well-groomed appearance, but its presence, as a powder, is not apparent. So perfect in formula and so pure in every ingredient, it serves as a protection to the skin as well as a definite aid to beauty… stays on until the dance is over.

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White, flesh or brunette

You need only try Colleen Moore Face Powder to understand its popularity. It has a dainty, charming fragrance that women like. It is just dense enough to lie close to the skin without clogging the pores.


Dainty, alluring…

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