See singer/TV star Dinah Shore’s Beverly Hills home – including her living room, kitchen & guest house

Dinah Shore - Home tour

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See inside Dinah Shore’s house in these two vintage stories — one from the ’60s (right after she remodeled her kitchen), and a more extensive home tour from the ’70s!

Come into the kitchen with Dinah Shore (1967)

From American Home – November 1967

“My kitchen is home to me,” says Dinah Shore — singer, TV hostess, cook. And her newly remodeled kitchen is a warm, comfortable place, where she can happily whip up anything from a barbecue to a gourmet meal.

The pride of Dinah’s well-equipped kitchen is the giant commercial gas range and griddle (opposite) with its glowing copper pots and pans. Dinah puts her two spacious ovens to good use (left). Behind her is a dining nook lined with windows.

Preparing breakfast (below, left), Dinah makes toast in a space-saving toaster that folds back into wall. Food center (below) gives Dinah easy access to small appliances. All are run by counter-top mechanism. Long kitchen is beautifully organized for easy workflow and for serving frequent meals in dining nook.

Come into the kitchen with Dinah Shore - A celebrity home from 1967 (3)

Come into the kitchen with Dinah Shore - A celebrity home from 1967 (2)

Come into the kitchen with Dinah Shore - A celebrity home from 1967 (1)

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Dinah Shore and her beautiful, beautiful home in Beverly Hills (1978)

From Good Housekeeping – March 1978

Here’s where the popular international star — her talk show, Dinah!, is seen around the world, as far away as Australia and Hong Kong — relaxes with friends for more good talk, good food, good tennis, good times.

Spacious grounds (below) sold Dinah on the house 10 years ago — there was plenty of room to add a tennis court (she plays every day), guest house, and flower and vegetable gardens she helps tend.

Dinah Shore's Beverly Hills house in 1978 (3)

The garden room in Dinah Shore’s home

The garden room typifies her casual, California style of life. Its filled with invitingly soft sofa and chairs, vibrant color, huge plants, sunlight streaming through the huge multi-paned window.

Dinah Shore's Beverly Hills house in 1978 (4)

Dinah Shore's Beverly Hills house in 1978 (5)

Dinah Shore's Beverly Hills house in 1978 (6)

Dinah Shore’s study converts to screening room

A rug on the wall covers the opening to the projection room. Here Dinah and friends enjoy films and out-takes from her show (material cut from the final tapes).

In keeping with her feeling that each room should have its own motif, here the look is American Indian. Custom-made butcher-block tables, built on casters, stand side by side, and can move easily to wherever they’re needed.

Dinah Shore's Beverly Hills house in 1978 (8)

A '70s designer dream house: The American Home of 1974

The small guest cottage next to Dinah Shore’s home

The cottage was built by Dinah so friends and family could stay over at the house in real comfort. An over-size wall-covering pattern coordinates the sitting room, sleep area.

Dinah Shore's Beverly Hills house in 1978 (1)

Dinah’s at home in the kitchen

She owns over 300 cookbooks, has written one herself, and does most of the cooking, using recipes collected on her travels and from friends. Her restaurant-type stove can cope with a crowd.

Dinah Shore's Beverly Hills house in 1978 (7)

See inside Dynasty actress Linda Evans' Beverly Hills home (1982)

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  1. Gosh, this all makes me miss my childood/adult home—my parents’ home—in Arcadia. It was a two story English Tudor style on the outside, and such a cozy home inside. There was a dumbwaiter, a basement mom made into a darkroom. Tall camellia bushes surrounded the bay windows, the dining room was lovely, there was a light filled breakfast nook. The big yard had a guest house and patio, a swimming pool, a small orchard, a greenhouse my dad built for his orchids. We had an annual Christmas party and plenty of poolside barbecues.
    But in spite of the luxuries, it was cozy, unpretentious and just home. I miss it and those days so much.

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