What the ‘perfect’ 1950s family looked like

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How to be a perfect fifties family

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Even though most people consider this a more modern problem, as early as 1950, the traditional family dinner and family time was going by the wayside.

With the relatively new distraction of television, families would sometimes pick up dinner and adjourn directly to the couch to watch their favorite program — all of this, of course, long before the days of VCRs and streaming video allowed us to watch whenever we wanted.

Apparently, some folks thought there was a need to combat this alarming trend.

Long before this short film was skewered mercilessly (and hilariously) by Mystery Science Theater 3000, “A Date With Your Family” was aimed right at those folks who zoned out in front of the boob tube while forking down some chow. – AJW

“A date with your family” (1950)

More scenes in the life of a picture-perfect fifties family

Kitchen 1958 with barstools and eating area - strange shape

1959 Electic living home - Kitchen scene

Family in the kitchen - 1952

Busy family with kids in the kitchen - 1950

1950s housewife on a pink kitchen phone

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