DIY furniture from the fifties: How to make double-duty hassocks for storage & seating all in one (1950)

DIY furniture from the fifties How to make double-duty hassocks for storage and seating all in one (1950)

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DIY furniture from the fifties - hassocks

How to make vintage  hassocks for storage & seating all in one

Attractive, double-duty hassocks you can make

In Grandma’s day, a hassock was something to put your feet on. But today, when space-saving is so often a must that a piece of furniture is given houseroom almost grudgingly if it serves only one purpose, hassocks needn’t be merely be footrests.

Always of a comfortable height to sit on, they can vary greatly in size, and be put to use as anything from a shoe box to a chest for linens. And when intended only as substitutes for chairs, they can provide multiple seating — like the television hassocks shown. Of graduated sizes, the three nest into one, and are a good answer to the problem of entertaining in a room that has little space for extra chairs.

How to make double-duty hassocks - DIY projects from the 50s (3)

How to make double-duty hassocks - DIY projects from the 50s (4)

The hassocks pictured here, made in the Woman’s Day Workshop, include a variety of styles, to suit different rooms and purposes. Four are of simple box construction; the dressing-table hassock, with its interior fitted to hold shoes, started as a round wooden box.

To cover 2, 4, and 5, we used upholstery plastic. This tough material is ideal for a footstool or a child’s toy box — it will stand up under endless punishment and can be cleaned easily with soap and water. Resistant to water, it is also suitable for outdoor use. Durable and inexpensive denim and sailcloth also make satisfactory coverings.

Plastic linings are practical — they resist wear, and when they’ve become soiled from shoes or Junior’s baseball glove, they are readily swabbed bright.

How to make double-duty hassocks - DIY projects from the 50s (1)

How to use your DIY hassocks

For a storage seat in the entrance hall, a tufted-upholstery hassock shaped like a hope chest. Grand for holding rain gear or roller skates. Its attractive quilted-plastic lining washes very easily and withstands much rough wear.

A hassock with drawers is useful in many places. Kept on the porch, it’s handy for storing games, outdoor-meal equipment. Very decorative in pastel plastic. The drawers are designed to be almost unnoticeable when closed.

Tailored satin hassock, constructed around a cylindrical wooden box, makes a luxurious stool for milady’s dressing table. Its roomy interior has pockets for five pairs of shoes.

One hassock obligingly becomes three when you need extra seats. Covered with harmonizing rich-hued plastic, they bring any room color, comfort, and convenience.

Spacious enough for lots of toys and books, this bright hassock of scuff-proof plastic is easy for children to use, easy for Mother to clean.

How to make double-duty hassocks - DIY projects from the 50s (2)

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