How to make a kitchen center island (1961)

Kitchen center island

A step-saving kitchen island with roll-away cart

This kitchen island food preparation and serving center is designed to save you steps, and also to modernize your kitchen through the stylish addition of warm wood paneling.

Your kitchen range tucks neatly into its own pre-cut recess, with plenty of counter-top working surface left over. Drawers may be partitioned to keep utensils right where they’re needed. All the pots and pans normally used in everyday meal preparation are hidden behind distinctive wood paneled doors.

Roll out the serving cart and you have your china, crystal, linens and silverware ready for setting plus a generous counter surface for carving and serving. Glide the cart to your dining area and eliminate as many as six normal setting and serving trips.

The serving cart and island are designed for easy construction and long life, using Weyerhaeuser 4-Square Kiln-Dried structural components and rich wood paneling.

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How to build this kitchen center island

Construction is simple . . . just follow the working diagrams on the next page.

Suggested material: Weyerhaeuser 4-Square vertical grain West Coast hemlock paneling.

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These products are available in a variety of species at your 4-Square lumber and plywood dealer.

Kitchen center island building plan & design specifications

Kitchen center island building plan and design specifications

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