Barbara Nicklaus for Magic Chef (1977-1978)

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A lot of good has happened to cooking in the last 50 years

Magic Chef is no ordinary microwave oven.

Barbara Nicklaus for Magic Chef-03-27-1978

After I tell my Magic Chef microwave oven to defrost, cook and keep warm, I can tell it goodbye — for up to 5 hours.” – Barbara Nicklaus

“With all the microwave ovens on the market, why did I pick Magic Chef?

“Magic Chef’s three level memory, ten level heat control and Automatic Thermometer. That’s why.

“I can take a roast out of the freezer, tell my Magic Chef microwave oven to defrost it, cook it just the way Jack likes it, with the Automatic Thermometer, then keep it warm while Jack and I play tennis with friends.

“Jack appreciates home cooked meals as much as any man. I just like to think he appreciates me more.

“With my Magic Chef microwave oven, he can have both.

“Look for Magic Chef. And you’ll find what Microwave cooking has come to.

“By the way, the roast was delicious.”

“I love Barb’s cooking, and she loves her Magic Chef.”

Magic Chef — The difference will surprise you.

Barbara Nicklaus for Magic Chef-11-21-1977

“With my Magic Chef microwave oven, I don’t have to stay home cooking to give my family the home cooked meals they deserve.” – Barbara Nicklaus

Magic Chef is no ordinary microwave oven. I was surprised at the difference. There are some things you just don’t tamper with. Jack’s favorite dishes. My old family recipies.

With Magic Chef, I don’t have to. My kind of cooking just takes less time and trouble, now. Magic Chef’s three level memory, and ten level heat control lets me cook the kind of food my family likes, my way. I just don’t have to be there while it’s cooking. So, I can see more of Jack. And Jack can see more of me. And don’t think I’d sacrifice the quality or the variety of my family’s meals just for a little convenience.

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My Magic Chef cooks what I want better than I thought I could cook. Souffles, sauces, meat and potatoes. And vegetables are really delicious in their own natural juices.

I can even cook special recipes to a specific temperature with Magic Chef’s Automatic Thermometer.

For convenience, cleanability and cooking performance, look for Magic Chef, and you’ll find what microwave cooking has come to.”

Magic Chef — The difference will surprise you.

Jack Nicklaus & Barbara Nicklaus

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