Discoveries & inventions

Will the personal computer go mass-market? (1977)

There is a great deal of controversy in the industry over whether the personal, or home, computer will become a true mass-market product. Some do not believe that the average consumer is interested in learning how to use a complex, relatively expensive home computer.

Delco car stereos with CB radio (1977)

Delco's CB and stereo Introducing the GM car stereo system that's really a conversation piece Now you can enjoy factory-installed two-way Citizens Band radio and AM/FM stereo in your new GM car. It's Delco'... Read more...

The jet age: Controlled flight (1977)

As the number of airline flights increased almost exponentially with the arrival of the jet age, the old days of merely supervising flights at the departure and arrival airports fell by the wayside. By 1977,... Read more...

Two weeks afoot on the arctic ice (1927)

A flying explorer's two weeks afoot on the arctic ice Forced down in a blizzard while soaring over the least-known part of the Arctic Ocean in search of undiscovered land, Capt George Hubert Wilkins and his ... Read more...

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