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girl champagne bottlePlease remember that most of the information presented on Click Americana was written in the distant past. Safety and health knowledge, in particular, has much improved over the past century — but also be mindful that diet tips, food and cooking recommendations, child-rearing information and other information on this site is, by its very nature, very much out-of-date.

While it’s fascinating to consider what words from the past have stood the test of time, don’t forget that this site is for entertainment and historical educational purposes only. (Please see our disclaimer and terms of use notice for details.)

Now, with that out of the way — please browse, enjoy, comment and share!

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Frequently asked questions

Is everything on this site public domain?

No, however, the majority of the content here was in the public domain in its original form — but almost every picture or graphic that now appears on this site has been restored or enhanced, and nearly every article has been painstakingly transcribed and/or translated, and, in some cases, corrected and edited.

Do you reprint everything verbatim?

While we strive to preserve the integrity of the written works that appear here, we do make some minor corrections and minimal other changes. One alteration we make to the content includes updating some archaic spelling. (Some examples: to-day/today, to-morrow/tomorrow, cocoanut/coconut, sirup/syrup, per cent/percent.) Our goal is to present restored versions of articles and stories, which means they may have slight modifications that still allow them to maintain their original meaning and tone, but are adapted just enough to meet today’s digital standards.

What is the text that appears in a box above the article?

Ah, yes! Comments, insight, backstory and other notes from Click Americana’s editors will be featured on the page in a shadowed box, like this one. Unless otherwise stated, notes are from editor Nancy J Price. You may also see the initials AJW, for former contributor Andy Warycka.

Can I reprint something from Click Americana?

We’re happy to share — but like anyone, just because we offer you some chocolate doesn’t mean we want to give you the whole candy bar. :-) We do ask that you please respect the tremendous amount of work that has gone into researching, transcribing and otherwise compiling the content that appears here.

You may reprint or excerpt up to 1000 words (total) and/or three graphics or images (total) from this site, and all we ask in exchange is credit and a link back. If you’re interested in using additional material, please just get in touch with the details (use the contact page here) and we can discuss.


Thanks and credits

First, we’d like to thank the thousands of people who produced content (articles, photographs, illustrations) for newspapers, magazines and other media throughout our history. While the vast majority of these writers are now gone, they truly do live on through their work. We’re also grateful for the numerous editors and publishers who saw to it that these works were given to the world in the first place.

Furthermore, we want to express our ongoing gratitude and appreciation for the organizations, universities and companies who have archived and digitally compiled so many original works — especially the US Library of Congress and the New York Public Library.

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