Rickrolled? Subscribe to Star Hits & get Rick Astley (1988)

Was this the earliest recorded instance of Rickrolling? You sign up for a magazine… and get a Rick Astley cassette — the one that opens with Never Gonna Give You Up.

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Feelin’ low down, lonely and blue? Well we’ve got just the cure for you! How about 12 copies of the hottest magazine in town and a copy of Rick Astley’s debut album Whenever You Need Somebody to keep you company? With a year’s subscription to Star Hits at $21.95 ($27.95 in Canada), a cheery 27% off the newsstand price, the first fifty subscribers (or renewing subscribers) will get a copy of Mr Astley’s UK chart-topping album free! Feel better? Well, put those frolicsome fingers to work and subscribe today!


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