Ford introduces the Mercury Cougar XR-7 (1976)

Introducing a new symbol of driving excitement.

The 1977 Cougar XR-7 unleashes 6 new running mates

The leader of the pack with new action for the Cat Set — Mercury Cougar XR-7.

Bold. Aggressive. New. From the dramatic new symbol on its hood to the tip of its sleek rear deck. More of a Cougar than we’ve ever unleashed before. Inside, you’ll find the luxury standards that put this cat in a class by itself.

  • 2 new sedans
  • 2 new hardtops
  • 2 new wagons

1977-mercury-cougar-xr7-ford-vintage-ads-october-1976 (1)

1977-mercury-cougar-xr7-ford-vintage-ads-october-1976 (2)

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