Dick Van Dyke is coming back strong (1979)

For Dick Van Dyke, the 70's were as barren and joyless as the 60's were rich and bountiful... he's come back swinging with a double play that is likely to guarantee a golden glow over his next decade.

16 retro pink bathroom styles of the 1950s

While not exclusively the domain of the fifties, the popularity of pink bathrooms - including pink toilets, sinks and bathtubs - reached its peak during the middle of the century.

Star Wars takes off (1977)

"Star Wars" takes off by Jerry Buck Star Wars is a dazzling galactic swashbuckler, a smashing movie and a smash hit. Far and away the best of the year, despite its futuristic theme, it’s an old-fashi... Read more...

Disney World opens (1971)

Life magazine: Disney World opens 1500 Disney employees in front of Cinderella Castle Mickey opens in Florida Disney moves east The new site is Florida, but the air is pure old Disney. Who else could ... Read more...

51 prize-winning quilt designs (1978)

51 prize-winning quilts From all across the land Here, chosen from 9954 entries in our Great Quilt Contest, announced in the October 1976 issue, all 51 winners, beginning with the national winner (prize, $2... Read more...

6 dessert recipes with Duncan Hines cake mix (1978)

Dessert recipes: Fast fixin' chocolate chip cake, Lemon supreme pound cake, Double pineapple upside-down cake, Cinnamon streusel cake, Cake mix chocolate chip cookies, Sock-it-to me sour cream pound cake

Live Aid concert videos (1985)

Feed the world The goal of the Live Aid concerts was to raise money to help relieve the ongoing famine in Ethiopia, and was organized by Irish musician Bob Geldof (Boomtown Rats) and Scotland's Midge Ure (Ul... Read more...

San Francisco’s Cliff House (1896-1907)

One of several incarnations of the San Francisco landmark, this French Chateau version of the Cliff House -- considered by many to be the finest of them all -- opened in February 1896. (Read more about the open... Read more...

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