Dress and decor from Paris

Designers show gowns, homes

In an age when comparatively few people can even house a ball gown, the leading couturiers of Paris live in surroundings which make their most opulent creations look like the natural way to dress.

Some of the extravagantly beautiful ball gowns from their current collections are shown here, photographed in the rich setting of the designers’ homes. Ranging in size from two-room apartments to a 40-room chateau, the couturiers’ homes are splendid in color and detail, filled with fine paintings, historic pieces and sentimental trinkets.

The decor is often reflected in the clothes — Dior’s monotone sun room in his pale ball gown, the color of Fath’s upholstery in his blue gown. Schiaparelli’s strong pink in her rug, lamp and candles, as well as in her dress. Made of luxurious fabrics in traditional strapless styles or with shoulders newly covered for evening, the gowns cost upwards of a thousand dollars.

Schiaparelli. Fath and Dessizs are the most noted party-givers among these designers, but all of them regularly draw guests to their salons who are as elegantly clad as the international beauties on these pages.

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Source publication date: Nov 9, 1953

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