Three men on horseback racing c1885
And they’re off! Look back at the history of the Kentucky Derby

How did the Kentucky Derby get started? Now, the famous Louisville horse race is the first part of the American Triple Crown of Thoroughbred Racing, but when it started, people didn’t know how important and iconic the Derby would eventually become. Here’s a look back at its history.

Classic cookie recipes from the '30s
Classic cookie recipes from the ’30s

To lots of folks, the Christmas season starts when they begin to make classic cookie recipes, when people spend many hours making sweet, fruity, spicy and nutty cookies that are relished by young and old.

Do you know how to kiss - 1930s
Do you know how to kiss? (1937)

Do you know how to kiss? Sure, everybody knows how to kiss — after a fashion. But there’s a right and wrong way, so they say. Here is the proper stance, kiss and everything.

Shirley Temple
10 years of Shirley Temple (1946)

Ten years of Temple Shirley has faced the problem of growing up The little girl who led the movie-star popularity list during the first three

Vintage Schlitz beer and brewery history
Vintage Schlitz beer & brewery history

Vintage Jos. Schlitz Lager beer illustration/ad (1800s) Schlitz Brewery, Milwaukee, Wisconsin Horse-drawn delivery trucks carrying beer Light can’t spoil Schlitz in brown bottles (1900s) It

LaSalle V-8 automobiles (1937)

The four-door touring sedan, in the LaSalle V-8 line The modern streamline trend is much in evidence in this attractive body style, the four-door touring