Famous Parker board games from the 1940s

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Famous Parker board games from the 1940s

Famous Parker games

Egyptian game Senet

A new revelation. The most popular game of 4000 years ago, interpreted by Parker Brothers from ancient Egyptian sources in collaboration with the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. Price $3.00

Rich Uncle

We strongly recommend this exciting, quick action, fast playing, new game. It is excellent. Rich Uncle Pennybags who owns most of the town, and the “Daily Bugle” plays a startling and most novel part in this unusual game. Price $3.00

Parker board games from the 1940s


A sensational Card Game. The Object is to Capture Count Cards totaling a Million. Havoc is raised by the adroit use of the Exciting Bull and Bear cards. You will like it. Price 75 cents.

The hottest Parker vintage board games from the ’60s: Sorry, Risk, Clue, Monopoly & other classics


Most popular of the world’s great standard games. Best seller of “best sellers.” Sets at $2 and upwards.

  • Camelot – Best modern board game of skill. Gray-box set $1.50. Pictorial board set $2; with ivoroid men $5 and $7.50.
  • Rook – America’s widely loved card game. .75
  • Children’s Hour (NEW) – Box contains three jolly, fun-making games. $2.00
  • Finance – Fast action trading game. $1.50
  • Pigskin – Captain Tom Hamilton’s own game. Football at its best. $3.50
  • Dig – Letter game played with “magic picks.” $1.50
  • Flinch – Popular everywhere. 150 cards. $1.00
  • Sorry – A great board game. Surprise moves and unusual action. $2.00

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  1. I’m looking for a game that was put out by Parker Brothers in the 1930’s or 1940’s called Boom or Bust. I have looked every where and can’t find it. My husband played the game as a child at his grandmothers house and would love to have it. Do you know where I can maybe get it.

    Thank You, Annette

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