Retro Barbie’s family & friends: Tutti, Francie, Casey & Chris, from the 1960s

Barbie, Color Magic Barbie & Tutti

If you’ve ever watched Barbie help a little girl grow up, you know why she’s our most famous doll.

With Barbie a little girl can experiment with fashions, to see what color shoes go with a red and white gown. She can make a dress for Barbie, without sewing. She can even create hairstyles for new Color Magic Barbie.

With Barbie, there’s an endless opportunity for a little girl to learn, and have fun. That’s how Barbie and her friends have helped more than 20 million little girls grow and be happy.

Because little girls asked, we gave Barbie a tiny sister. Her name is Tutti.

Tutti is only six inches tall. She has hair that girls can comb, and she can pose like a real little girl. She even comes in special playsets, with costumes and her own tiny toys. (And she has a twin brother, Todd. They come together in a twin playset.)

Girls flip over the new “mod” London look. So does our new Francie.

Francie is Barbie’s fifteen-year-old cousin. Like most girls her age, she loves to wear stripes, paisley prints, London lace, and granny gowns. (And our bending leg Francie even has real eyelashes.) Francie is very real to girls who’ll be fifteen someday, too. That’s why she’s so much fun.

Twist ‘N Turn Barbie is all new!

Her beautiful new face, new costumes, and the way she turns at the waist make her more natural, more fun than ever before!

Retro Barbies of 1967

Twist ‘N Turn Francie & Negro Francie

Twist ‘N Turn Francie is Barbie’s “Mod” cousin. Her friend Casey is new, and so is Negro Francie. Each doll has a twistable waist, legs that bend, real eyelashes, lots of beautiful new costumes to choose from.

The Barbie Family House and the Cape Cod Doll House Classic are ready-to-play — they need no assembly. Make of sturdy, washable vinyl, each new house contains fully-decorated rooms and moveable furniture.

Barbie’s sister, Tutti

Tutti, Barbie and Skipper’s tiny sister, has a new friend, Chris. They’re bendable. Tutti comes alone or with accessories in playsets like Cookin’ Goodies and Swing-A-Ling.

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Barbie dolls and toys of 1967 (2)

Cases for Barbie & Francie

Barbie Doll Case and Francie Doll Case are portable storage areas for dolls, costumes, accessories. Cases are washable, and made of sturdy vinyl.

Barbie Hair Fair lets a girl give her Barbie new hairstyles. Comes with four different hair pieces, and an extra wig head. Fits Francie and Casey, too.

Barbie's sister, Tutti

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