Unveiling of the Robert E Lee Confederate statue in Charlottesville back in 1924

Note: This article may feature affiliate links, and purchases made may earn us a commission at no extra cost to you. Find out more here.

Note: This article may feature affiliate links, and purchases made may earn us a commission at no extra cost to you. Find out more here.

Staunton to Have Many at Vet Reunion

Unveiling of Lee equestrian statue in Charlottesville tomorrow to be preceded by big parade, Company L, and Stonewall band participating; Reunion opened today

Fifty men of Company L, 116th infantry, Virginia National Guard, the Stonewall Brigade band, Confederate veterans of Staunton and Augusta, Stonewall Jackson camp, sons of Confederate veterans, and numerous other people from this vicinity will participate in the Confederate reunion in Charlottesville which commenced this morning.

The reunion is for the veterans of the state, to which the local militiamen were invited by the Grand Camp of Confederate Veterans with headquarters in Richmond.

The feature of tomorrow’s activities, on a program full of interest commencing with today and lasting through Thursday, is the unveiling of the Robert E. Lee equestrian statue, a gift of Paul G. McIntire, formerly of Charlottesville.

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Join V. M. I. Cadets Here

Captain C. P. Serrett will command the local guardsmen on their trip to Charlottesville, leaving Staunton for that city on a special train which departs about 9:30 Wednesday morning. In addition to the fifty enlisted men will be 1st Lieut. T. J. B. Lohr and 2d Lieut. Edward T. Wharton.

Captain Serrett stated today that the militiamen will assemble at the armory at 9 o’clock tomorrow morning from where they will march in formation to the Chesapeake and Ohio station to embark on the special train which also will convey 120 cadets from V. M. I. [Virginia Military Institute]

Arrangements have been made in Charlottesville to furnish dinner immediately after detraining to the local troops and cadets upon their arrival in that city at about 11:30 o’clock. The early dinner for the guardsmen is arranged that they may be prepared for the afternoon parade which commences at 1 o’clock.

Reception Tonight

Today, Virginian survivors of the struggle in which Lee and Jackson were the peerless leaders, are flocking to Charlottesville. They find the city ready for them, properly decorated for the occasion, and hundreds of hospitable homes open to them. Every possible want and comfort of the aged heroes has been anticipated.

This afternoon’s session will be devoted to the annual meeting of the Virginia division, Unified Confederate Veterans, with Major General W. B. Freeman, of Petersburg, in the chair.

At the Jefferson Theatre at 8 o’clock this evening will take place the formal welcome and presentation of the official ladies, under the auspices of the Sons of Confederate Veterans.

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