Japan declares war by bombing Pearl Harbor in Hawaii, and the US joins WWII (1941)

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Japan declares war by bombing Pearl Harbor in Hawaii, and the US joins WWII (1941)

WWII Headlines - Japanese bomb Pearl Harbor in Hawaii - San Francisco Examiner Mon Dec 8 1941

Japanese declare war!

Photograph taken from a Japanese plane during the torpedo attack on Pearl Harbor

Photograph taken from a Japanese plane during the torpedo attack on Pearl Harbor - 1941 WWII

Bombs falling on Hawaii

Citizens are killed amid heavy damage as Tokyo unleashes surprise air attack

Japan now at war with United States and Britain after sending planes in early morning attack on Honolulu and nearby Pearl Harbor Naval Base; surprise raid comes as Japanese envoys confer with Secretary Hull on prospects of war or peace; all Pacific army and naval units stand ready and reports say that first attacks have been successfully beaten off; Governor of Hawaii in conference with President by phone; United States Congress and British Parliament summoned to meet tomorrow morning to consider next steps; Britain stands side-by-side with US in critical hour; heavy loss of life feared in US island outposts but first reports are scarce in details.

Imperial headquarters at Tokyo declared war late today against both the United States and Britain after Japanese bombers had attacked the great Pearl Harbor naval base at Honolulu and the Philippines.

An NBC broadcast said Japanese planes — estimated as high as 150 in the opening assault — struck at Ford Island in Pearl Harbor, the US Navy’s mighty fortress of the Pacific, and dropped high-explosive and incendiary bombs on Honolulu itself.

WWII Headlines - Japanese bomb Pearl Harbor in Hawaii - Honolulu Advertiser Tue Dec 9 1941

This day and time: Japan moves (1941)

Despite an official White House announcement that Japanese warplanes had also attacked Manila, an Associated Press dispatch from Manila timed at 4:25 pm EST Sunday, said flying units of the US forces of the Far East had taken to the air — presumably to combat Japanese attackers in the Philippines.

Imperial Japanese headquarters said the state of war became effective at dawn today.

Thus the war that Adolf Hitler started in September, 1939, exploded at last into a real World War, with the great navies of the United States and Japan seemingly destined to play the major role in what will probably be largely a sea campaign.

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Latest reports indicated that the United States had already won the first battle of the new conflict.

A bulletin from Honolulu said a naval engagement was in progress off that famed island playground, with at least one black aircraft carrier in action against Pearl Harbor’s defenses.

The British radio also reported that a “foreign warship” had begun bombarding Pearl Harbor.

The Pearl Harbor attack in Hawaii: Japan declares war (1941)

WAR declared on Japan by US

WWII Headlines - Japanese bomb Pearl Harbor in Hawaii - Honolulu Star Bulletin Mon Dec 8 1941

Writer tells story of attack on Pearl Harbor (1941)

Aerial dogfights raged in the skies over Honolulu itself as American warplanes rose to give battle to the Japanese invaders.

In Washington, the White House announced that a US Army transport, carrying lumber rather than troops, had been torpedoed 1,300 miles west of San Francisco – thereby placing Japanese naval action well east of Hawaii, toward the United States mainland.

An NBC broadcast from Honolulu said the Japanese attack had inflicted untold damage on the US naval base at Pearl Harbor and on the city itself.

Several Japanese planes were reported shot down.

First reports from Honolulu said at least two formations of nine four-motored black bombers, marked with Japan’s rising sun insignia, flew over Honolulu.

Unconfirmed reports said that one ship in Pearl Harbor was seen lying on its side and four others in flames.

“There has been severe fighting going on in the air and on the sea,” an NBC broadcast said.

“The battle has been going on for nearly three hours.”

Later, the Honolulu broadcaster announced:

“The army and navy, it appears, now have the air and sea under control.”

Pearl Harbor Attack, 7 December 1941 from Naval History and Heritage Command

WWII Headlines - Japanese bomb Pearl Harbor in Hawaii - Honolulu Advertiser Mon Dec 8 1941

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