Travel on the “Fun Ships” of Carnival Cruise Lines in the 1980s

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The “Fun Ships” of Carnival Cruise Lines (1981)

What a bargain! Not only will we spend seven days in the sunny Caribbean visiting different islands. our cruise price includes eight meals and snacks a day. 24-hour room service, dozens of shipboard activities, gala cocktail parties, a full gambling casino, and dazzling nightclub entertainment.

Next year, we’re taking a “Fun Ship” cruise, and from what our friends have told us, we know we’ll love it.


Cold relief. (1982)

The best prescription you can get for winter cold is a sun-drenched Caribbean cruise aboard a “Fun Ship.” And now is the time to start making plans!

Here’s the vacation you’ve always wanted at a price that makes it easy. In fact, a Carnival “Fun Ship”- cruise is typically $200-$400 less per couple than other 7-day Caribbean cruises.

And you get value no land vacation can match. Not only do you visit three exotic ports. but you can indulge yourself with eight meals and snacks a day including two late-night buffets and round-the-clock stateroom service. And. the nightlife is fantastic with exciting entertainment in our clubs and lounges. Or enjoy a game of chance in our glittering full casino. During the day, you can choose from dozens of shipboard activities or just loll by the pool and work on a gorgeous tan.

We also offer Fly Aweigh air/sea packages that include great deals on airfare between Miami and over 100 cities across the United States and Canada.

Take a “Fun Ship”- cruise and see why we’re the most popular ships in the world. You’ll get fast relief from winter cold.

The “Fun Ships” Carnivale, Festivale, Mardi Gras and Tropicale depart weekly from Miami every Saturday or Sunday for exotic Caribbean ports such as San Juan, St. Thomas, Nassau, Samana, Ocho Rios, Grand Cayman and Cozumel.

Ships of Panamanian and Liberian registry


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The three most popular resorts in the Caribbean (1981)


Carnival wrote the book on fun! (1989)

Kathie Lee Gifford for Carnival


Last year at a resort, we got this… (1982)

This year, we’re taking a Fun Ship cruise.

We thought we were getting a great deal on last year’s vacation. But that “great deal” wound up being a “come on” price. When we added on all our entertainment, meals. taxis and other extras. our trip cost us a lot more than we’d planned.

But on this year’s Carnival cruise, we’re getting virtually everything included for one low package price: eight sumptuous meals and snacks a day. a full gambling casino, nightclub entertainment and a whole ship full of activities. Plus our choice

of tropical ports in the sunny Caribbean or Mexico. All included in a price so low it’s typically $200-$400 less per couple than other 7-day Caribbean cruises. We’re getting it all this year with peace of mind and no expensive surprises!

The Mardi Gras, Carnivale, Festivale and Tropicale depart weekly from Miami every Saturday or Sunday for exotic Caribbean ports such as Samana, San Juan, St Thomas, Nassau, Ocho Rios, Grand Cayman and Cozumel.

Carnival Cruise Lines


Carnival Cruise Lines (1984)

The “Fun Ships” give you more of what you vacation for


If you only take one cruise in your life… let it be on one of the “Fun Ships.” (1979)

Upcoming cruises for 1980

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