Hawaii: Where it is and how to get there (1956)

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Hawaii: Where it is and how to get there

Hawaii: Where it is and how to get there

Located at a point in the sub-tropics where sunshine and trade winds meet on most delightful terms, Hawaii is some 2200 miles southwest of San Francisco. A luxury liner takes you there in 4-1/2 days — a great modern plane in 8-1/3 hours.

You can leave from any one of five different Pacific Coast points — San Francisco, Los Angeles, Portland, Seattle and Vancouver. And you can vary your itinerary by returning to any of the five.

You have a choice of several air and steamship lines providing direct service between Hawaii and the Pacific Coast, and stopovers on through service to and from the Orient, the South Pacific and around the world.

You can enjoy a wonderful visit in Hawaii within the usual two weeks vacation… with a week in the Islands if you go one way by ship, up to twelve days if you fly both ways. But Hawaii will well reward a longer stay.

For a most enjoyable visit

To assist you in arranging a supremely delightful visit to Hawaii… and to help you after you arrive… is the function of the Hawaii Visitors Bureau.

We will be glad to send you booklets, folders, maps, any data you may request. You may obtain information also from any of the air and steamship lines serving Hawaii or from your Travel Agent.

When you arrive, contact the Visitors Bureau for current tours, entertainment and special events of interest to you. It will be a pleasure to welcome you to Hawaii!


Hawaii Visitors Bureau: A non-profit organization maintained for your service by The people of Hawaii; 2051 Kalakaua Ave., Honolulu. Branch offices on all major Islands

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