Ginger Rogers for TWA airlines: A bridge across the continent (1936)

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“A bridge across the continent.”

– Ginger Rogers, RKO star

Miss Rogers says: “On TWA, you travel with the sort of people you enjoy meeting. And you always reach your destination clean, fresh and rested. To me, TWA seems like a great bridge across the continent.”

TWA has made California a suburb of New York — or the other way around. As for Chicago and New York, they have become practically “twin cities.”

On the big, new TWA Douglas Skyliners, you can read or write or work or talk as comfortably as you do in your own home or office.

At night, those big, luxurious lounge chairs become beds that let you enjoy a restful night’s sleep. No wonder TWA is known as the Hollywood way to travel.

“Over every mile of the TWA coast-to-coast route, the big Douglas Skyliners that we pilot are within 5 to 10 minutes of a regularly-maintained flying field.” – Captain E A Bellande, 2,184,000 flying miles

The short, fast way coast-to-coast

Nothing but Douglas Skyliners used on all TWA flights. Short route and fast service between New York and California. Non-stop service from Chicago to New York. Low reduced fares in effect between most points. Contact your local TWA office for complete travel information.

Travel TWA — The Lindbergh line 

Transcontinental & Western Air, Inc.


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