Fun people vacation in Arkansas! (1960s)

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Fun people vacation in Arkansas (1961)

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Fun people vacation in Arkansas (1961)

… a new breed of vacationing Americans who pack their holiday with pleasure. They insist on sun, and they’re wild about water sports. They like the relaxing quiet of a mountain trail, but with a change of mood, look for ready excitement. They love Arkansas — where every family’s vacation dreams become exciting realities.

Take a peek at what the new Arkansas has to offer

Fun people vacation in Arkansas (1961)

Arkansas vacations: How to crowd more fun in one vacation without really trying! (1960)

Vacation in Arkansas!

Drive in. Then dive in! This is a wonderful world of water, captured in mighty clutches of majestic mountains. And you‘ll find everything that insures a never-to-be-forgotten vacation in Arkansas! Every curve in the road holds excitement. Every sunrise promises adventure.

Let your hair down.

Cast 3 line for restless trout. bass, crappie or alligator gar. Leave civilization between shore and a picnic island. Take a winding road to an observation tower. You are master of all you survey.

Top off a big outdoor day with a night on the town. See the nation’s finest entertainers. Sleep late and start all over with a Southern breakfast, lakeside. Search for real diamond: in the continent’s only diamond mine. Skip blue waves on skis. Challenge a scenic golf course. Relax in a bath drawn from a hot mineral spring.

Capture all this and more in one vacation in Arkansas!

Please send my copy of “This is Arkansas,” a 36-page color guide to one of the nation’s ten outstanding vacation states.

Arkansas vacation ad from Louisiana 1963

The fun is in the water: Vacation in Arkansas (1963)

Arkansas: America’s family vacation wonderland

Doesn’t matter what kind of water sport you are: fisherman, water skier, swimmer, skin diver… the fun is in the water when you plan an action-packed vacation in Arkansas! Best fishing in the world, you know… plus plenty of fun for the whole family!

Arkansas tourism ad from St Louis 1960

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