Classic SLR cameras: The Canon AE-1 Program from 1982 & FD lenses

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Classic SLR cameras The Canon AE-1 Program from 1982 & FD lenses

The new Canon AE-1 Program

Nobody has been able to make fine photography this simple. Until now.

There has never been a high quality 35mm SLR camera as simple to use as the Canon AE-1 Program. That’s why people who don’t have time for complicated cameras, like Washington Redskins’ quarterback Joe Theismann, carry it with them wherever they go.

And you should, too. Indoors or out, day or night-in any light-the AE-1 Program is designed to give you perfect pictures automatically.

You just focus and shoot. Really. When set on PROGRAM, the advanced electronics inside provide total automation, so you can concentrate on your subject.

For action photography, there’s also shutter-priority automation, which lets you choose a speed fast enough to “freeze” moving subjects while the camera’s electronic brain automatically adjusts the lens opening for the lighting conditions.

Flash photography is totally automatic as well, and with the new Canon Speedlite 188A with built-in exposure confirmation, you can tell you’ve gotten a perfect flash picture before removing your eye from the viewfinder!

The new Canon AE-1 Program SLR camera (1982)

There are new and exciting accessories that add even more versatility. The Power Winder A2 provides single-frame and continuous motorized shooting at up to two frames-per-second. Or, for really fast action, you can add the Motor Drive MA for up to 4 fps. rapid sequence shooting.

There are eight interchangeable focusing screens and nearly fifty Canon FD lenses that fit the AE-1 PROGRAM. So you can shoot a wide-angle panorama, do candid portraits or use a Canon zoom lens to really reach out and bring your subjects up close.

Best of all, when you add any of these exciting accessories, shooting is still automatic. And just as simple.

Ask your Canon dealer to show you the camera that makes fine photography simple. The new Canon AE-1 Program. It’s one more reason were the world’s leader in 35mm photography.

Canon Lenses

Designed, engineered and built for Canon cameras

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Millions of satisfied customers know it’s hard to beat the sharp, bright color pictures you get with a Canon SLR camera.

One reason? Canon lenses.

Canon cameras provide a perfectly-matched combination of electronic and optical technology, with all Canon FD lenses designed specifically to function with the cameras’ advanced computer brains.

It takes just seconds to switch from your standard lens to a Canon zoom that will let you reach out and bring your subjects up close.

The new Canon AE-1 Program SLR camera (1982)

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