Cassette tapes just might outlive you? (1976)

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1976 - Scotch cassettes might outlive you

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Still dancing to your old tapes when you’re a grandma? We wish. A 1995 report by the Council on Library and Information Resources noted, “According to manufacturers’ data sheets and other technical literature, thirty years appears to be the upper limit for magnetic tape products, including video and audio tapes.”

In my own reality, cassette tapes from the seventies and eighties proved to be a disappointingly delicate, heat-sensitive, and otherwise impermanent method of preserving music or other memories.

Sadly, my many concert recordings and interview tapes have been unplayable for years — having long ago turned to static, dust, and miles of slightly warped brown plastic.

Scotch Cassettes. They just might outlive you.

Record them over and over again. The life of a Scotch brand cassette is a long one. Even when you record on it time after time.

Play them back without jamming… Because there’s a Posi-Track backing that helps prevent jamming and reduces wow and flutter. And the cassette shell is made with a plastic that can withstand 150 degrees F.

We wish you a long and happy life. ‘Cause you’ll need it to keep up with your Scotch cassettes.

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Scotch cassette tapes - 1976

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1976 - Scotch cassettes might outlive you

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1976 - Scotch cassettes might outlive you

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