100 years ago, did Nikola Tesla predict the iPad, Skype, mobile phones & more? (1915)

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“We’ll telephone to stars!” declares scientist Nikola Tesla

by Harry Payne Burton

New York, Oct 13 [1915] — The future of the transmission of the human voice will not be confined to this planet, but will be projected through the ether until its vibrations strike all the other planets that swung dizzily in space!

This authorized statement, of far greater importance than the amazing event which occasioned it, was unequivocally made today by the world-famous scientist and discoverer of the wireless principle, Nikola Tesla.

Tesla predicts the iPad, Skype, mobile phones

The distinguished inventor gave it exclusively to The Day Book as the direct result of the announcement by the United States Navy department that its experts had recently succeeded in projecting the human voice by wireless from Arlington, Virginia, to Mare Island, California — a distance of 4,000 miles.

“This, in itself, was, of course, a brilliant experiment,” declared Tesla, “and the experts are entitled to a great credit, but believe me when I say it is only the beginning.”

Tesla predicts tech like Skype and iPad/tablets

“Very soon, it will be possible for us to see each other at distances of thousands of miles; we shall be enabled to hear an opera, sermon or scientific lecture, and be visually present in all kinds of meetings and transactions, wherever they may be taking place, and without regard to where we ourselves happen to be at the time.

“This will become a daily business experience, not only to transmit with unerring precision a signature to an important document, but enable the recipient in a distant country to see it affixed by the sender.

Tech we’re still waiting for: Flying cars, no wars, cheap electricity

“But the greatest and most revolutionary of all these advances on earth will be the transmission of electrical energy in large amounts, for all industrial purposes. Once a power plant is in operation, it will be possible to operate flying machines in any part of the world without fuel, and light isolated homes, in an ideally simple and economical manner!

“When world wireless telephony, the transport of bodies and materials and the transmission of energy for all industrial and commercial purposes become facts, the earth will have shrunken in size so as to put nations in close touch and make international complications and wars an impossibility!

“It is already practicable to project from a machine made by man, electrical impulses of such intensity as to affect other planets,” said Tesla.

“There is no difficulty in producing a machine which would cause a disturbance on Venus or Mars, sufficient for any expert, if he exists there, to detect.

“My demonstrations in Colorado Springs in 1899 proved that not only telegraphic signals could be sent across the globe, as I predicted in 1892, but that the faintest modulations of the human voice could be impressed upon the planet as a whole and reproduced at any point, irrespective of distance.

Nikola Tesla quote: “I do not think there is any…”

“The result just attained by the navy department proves, in a practical way, what my scientific experiment showed to be a fact 15 years ago.”

“How soon do you expect a full commercial demonstration of your prophetic scientific experiments of 15 years ago?”

Nikola Tesla with generator and light 1898

“I cannot, of course, answer in what state the work of others might be, but, so far as I am concerned, I would have no technical difficulty in establishing telephonic communication to the chief centers of the world inside of a few months, for I have already built a plant for this very purpose.

Tesla: Science will win the next war (1916)

“When it is completed, it will be possible for any telephone subscriber to call up and talk to any other telephone subscriber in the world who is connected with a central. This plan I have developed long ago, and it has been called my ‘world system.’

“In this plan, there will be no change whatever in the present telephone apparatus. Everything in the municipal exchanges, as well as in individual installations, remains intact.”

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