In defense of the Union and the Constitution (1861)

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certificate of thanks for help during the rebellion of 1861

“In defense of the Union and the Constitution”

Here is is a certificate that was printed to be given to volunteers serving in the Union Army during their efforts to suppress the Rebellion of 1861, which ultimately was the start of the Civil War.

certificate of thanks to Union volunteers during the rebellion of 1861


The Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division in Washington DC describes it as: “A large certificate for a volunteer serving in the Union army to suppress the rebellion of 1861. In the center stands a woman, probably Columbia, holding two laurel wreaths and the Constitution. She extends her protection over a mother and child and a cowering young boy at her feet. In the left foreground a Union volunteer stands alert, holding a bayonet. A cannon and its broken carriage wheel lie on the ground at right. In the right background is a view of the State House in Philadelphia; in the left background is a ship. Below the text is the seal of the State of Pennsylvania with the scales of justice above it.”

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