Ambrotype portrait of Abraham Lincoln (1860)

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A portrait of Abraham Lincoln

From a carbon enlargement, made by Sherman and McHugh of New York City, of an ambrotype owned by Mr A Montgomery of Columbus, Ohio, to whose generosity we owe the right of reproduction.

This portrait of Lincoln was made in June, 1860, by Butler, a Springfield (Illinois) photographer. On July 4th of that year, Mr Lincoln delivered an address at Atlanta, Illinois, where he was the guest of Mr Vester Strong. Before leaving town, he handed Mr Strong the ambrotype which we copy here.

Mr Strong valued the picture highly, but as he had no children to whom to leave it, and as he wished it to be in the care of one who would appreciate its value, he gave it a few years ago to Mr Montgomery.

Abraham Lincoln quote: “It is better to remain silent and…”

Photo caption: Lincoln In 1860 — Hitherto unpublished

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