Modern life: How the telephone hurts relationships (1910)

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How the telephone hurts relationships (1910)

The phone is to blame

It is a woman of the “old school” who declares that the telephone is to blame for many a broken friendship between men and women.

In the good old days, any matter of importance had to be written in a letter, and the very fact of the writing necessitated coolness and consideration.

Nowadays, an important statement is made over the phone, and the careless, unconsidered manner of its delivery often leads to misunderstanding. The voice, too, is never quite natural over the wire, and frequently the tone of the voice is so important in determining the nature of the remark that untold dangers await the one who risks making it over the telephone.

Harshness wholly unintended greets the ear of the listener at the other end, and a hurried remark, meant to be quite pleasant, sounds gruff or brusque over the wire.

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Moreover, since communication by phone is so temptingly easy, a girl often calls up her man friend on a very trifling matter, and when this is done, very often it becomes really annoying to him in his business office, to say nothing of the fact that some things are as well left unsaid.

The woman of the old school says she regrets any communication by phone between girls and men, and declares that when sealed missives again become the fashion, Cupid will be far more active, for he won’t be discouraged by having his most promising beginnings cut off by a heartless metal telephone.

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