Entertaining your husband’s friends for dinner (1912)

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Entertaining your husband's friends for dinner (1912)

Note: This article may feature affiliate links, and purchases made may earn us a commission at no extra cost to you. Find out more here.

Husband’s men friends for dinner

Many an otherwise splendid wife has handicapped the success of a husband simply because she could not be bored with his business acquaintances. Have you not heard women say, “Oh, I just can not turn my dainty rooms into a clubhouse. Those horrid men smoke and smoke, and their technical talk is all Greek to me.”

Can you not fancy just what sort of a home this woman keeps? Her reception room is immaculate with its pretty show chairs, built especially for well-dressed women. Her kitchen and dining room appointments are ideal, for she adores giving women’s luncheons.

Her good-natured husband usually supplies her with maid service, and pays her house bills without murmuring. But his home is not of his execution or style of background, so he aimlessly drifts off to his club when business acquaintances are in town and returns late, after having dined exceedingly well.

Entertaining your husband's friends for dinner (1912)

Hospitality and dinner parties at a private home

Then there is another type of woman who realizes what it means to traveling men to be asked to accept hospitality at a private house. If her husband says. “By the way, Mr —— is in town: do you mind if I bring him home to dinner tonight?”

She immediately replies, “Not at all; I think it will be splendid.”

This is the type of woman who brings what social graces she possesses to the assistance of her preoccupied partner and sets up a dinner for him at home that will cheer his spirits and make him glad that he has furnished so handsome a background for his charming wife. Here is a woman who accepts housekeeping as branch of the business partnership, keeping all its burdensome detail away from her husband.

Brain a necessity for a man, luxury for a woman? (1914)

In many lines of work, it is absolutely essential to extend one’s acquaintance, and in no better way can a wife serve her husband’s interests than by showing a disposition to make his home a hospitable center for his friends.

Not a few wives have been pleasantly surprised to find that the entertainment of guests at home has stimulated their husbands’ interest in house decoration. Many a coveted luxury has suddenly become a necessity from his point of view.

Not all households are on a good running basis. Wives are frequently without maid service or the children are not well, but when the conditions are favorable, it is always wise to offer home hospitality to the visiting business acquaintances, for it has a tendency to bring new interests into, the lives of women.

What if you do not approve of their viewpoint always? Possibly your husband sits through many a tedious half hour with some of your bridge whist acquaintances, or gives up some of his valuable time making himself agreeable to relatives. Do not let the sacrifices always be on his part.

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