How you can reinvent yourself after your wedding (1939)

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Pretty woman smiling c1939

Reinvent yourself - Pretty woman smiling c1939

Reinvent yourself: Bride has opportunity to build new personality in strange city

by Ruth Millett

So you’re going to be married next month, and go with your husband to a new town?

It’s rather exciting to think that you have a chance to be whatever you would like to be.

Nobody knows you. You won’t be the Jones girl that the neighbors have watched grow up. You’ll be exactly what you are, with nothing of what you were to cramp your style.

Well, get off on the right foot. Strike a happy medium between friendliness and reserve. That is, return every gesture of hospitality, go half way to meet people, but don’t confide too much in them. And don’t get too chummy too soon with the girl in the next apartment, or the woman across the street.

Make up your mind at the start what you are going to like your husband’s business associates, but that they aren’t going to see too much of you.

And remember that you won’t come to much grief if you just don’t talk too much. Let the law of averages convince you that if you talk a lot, some of the talks bound to be wrong.

If you start in to try to impress the people you meet, no matter how subtle you think you are being, you’ll antagonize the very ones you meant to impress.

Don’t keep comparing your new home with your old one. And don’t apologize for your possessions — even in the modern manner of poking fun at them. Just accept the way you live and what you have, and let other people do the same.

And don’t try too hard to be a help to your husband. More women over-do than under-do that. If you believe in him and don’t pull against him, he can handle the rest.

Men: Should you marry the sparkling girl or the sensible one? (1934)

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