Comparing old-time courting & a red-hot date (1927)

Old-time courting & a red-hot date: 25 years ago and today

Old-time courting 25 years ago (1902)
  • dating in the early 1900sThe start of a heavy courtship. Twenty-five years ago. when a feller began flinging nickels around the ice cream parlor, it was a sure sign that he was “keeping company” in real earnest. And when he boldly ordered a “vanilly soda with two straws, please,” it was just as good as a declaration of love.
  • The neighbors had something to gossip about when the feller hired a rig from the livery stable and took the girl for a buggy ride. And maybe you think he didn’t ask for a horse who would stand along the road without hitching!
  • The wedding photo — teamed up for life. Of course, he’ll discover that those golden puffs are only held on with a hair-pin. And she’ll learn that he’s making only $17 a week. But despite that they’ll live happily ever afterwards.

A red hot date today (1927)
  • Today, the fun starts at sixty miles an hour. He met her only five minutes ago and he doesn’t even know her last name, but it is beginning to dawn on him that the struggle is hopeless. She’s a blonde and he’s a gentleman, and the cards have been stacked against him from the very start.
  • Everything is hotsy-totsy when he learns that the little girl totes her own firewater. But the first cloud looms over the romance when he begins to wonder if he’ll have enough money, after paying the couvert charge, to buy a marriage license.
  • They celebrate their first wedding anniversary at the court-house where a big-hearted judge tells them that they are free to go out and make more mistakes. They part the best of friends, to live happily ever afterwards — but not together.
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Red hot date - 1927 and 1902

Red hot date - then and now - 1927


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