A white brick linoleum floor for your pink kitchen? Why not – it was the fifties! (1956)

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Pink kitchen with retro brick linoleum from 1956

Brick’s textured beauty-in carefree linoleum

Do you ever hanker for the charm of old-fashioned brick kitchen floors? How friendly they were, gleaming after their morning scrub! (Scrub? Ah, there was the rub!)

Well, you need hanker no more, for here’s their modern counterpart — in Armstrong Linoleum. This new white brick design has all of the old charm — right down to the embossed mortar lines — and none of the chore, for Armstrong Linoleum never needs hard scrubbing.

Occasional washing and waxing will keep this floor bright and beautiful. And spilled things — even grease — wipe up without a trace. There’s not a crack where dirt can hide. It’s quiet and comfortable underfoot, too, which real brick never was!

Beauty… practicality… they’re both yours today, with Armstrong Linoleum, the modern fashion in floors.

Retro pink kitchens for you and me: Pink, white & black home decor from the 1950s

Pink kitchen with retro brick linoleum floor from 1956

About this vintage brick linoleum floor from the ’50s

Floor is Armstrong Embossed Inlaid Linoleum, Style No. 5490.

New free book, “Decorating Ideas for Today’s Living.” You also get sketch plan of this kitchen and list of furnishings. Write Armstrong Cork Company, 5603 Broad Street, Lancaster, Penna.


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  1. This flooring is wonderful – you need to reinvent the patterns and colors for 2015 and beyond. I have never seen so much wood grain and just plain boring flooring since I’ve been in the design field ( for the past 25 years) In most make overs – the flooring is hardly “saved” since all other workers drop everything on it and then the next “buyer-owner” usually guts the place if they truly hate it, or just want to make it their own with their own ideas of re-sale value. A color and pattern pallet for flooring would be a great and wonderful change to the many beiges, browns wood tones and boring ceramic things that are out there. your need to create a mid priced “retro line”. Really – Have YOU seen whats out there ?

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