Retro 1970s sheets and bedding with bright & bold colors and bonus flower power

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Flower power! '70s bedding from the 1973 JC Penney catalog
The bold and bright bedding ensembles below delightfully epitomize the colorful fashions — both in home decor and clothing — of the ’70s.

Floral patterns were often the stars of the show, and were presented in a variety of shapes and sizes, scattered throughout homes from coast to coast.

Vibrancy was the motif, and one interior decorator who had that vibe down cold was a man named Carleton Varney. His column, Family Decorator, was carried in newspapers nationwide, and answered questions from readers about how best to paint, furnish, finish and accessorize their homes.

Below are two of Varney’s decor suggestions from November of 1973 — fabulous examples of the zesty ’70s zeitgeist in all its glory.

Get some flower power with Retro 1970s sheets and bedding

Dear Family Decorator: I would appreciate ideas for a color scheme for my daughter’s bedroom walls are painted white, and the furniture is painted a soft blue.

Carleton Varney: Perk up your daughter’s room with a floral print bedspread of red, lime green, daisy yellow and soft blue. Use the floral fabric quilted for an upholstered headboard. Choose a lime green shag rug.

Create a striped effect at windows with alternating vertical blinds of salt blue and lime green. Place a daisy yellow based lamp with white shade on the nightstand. And to complete your daughter’s room, paint all trim — including doors — daisy yellow.

Dear Family Decorator: Our guest bedroom is a studio-type room with a blue and white shag carpet. Walls are paneled in oak, and bookcases are white. What colors would you use for studio couch slipcover and curtains?

Carleton Varney: A bold apple green and white trellis design fabric would be my selection for the studio bed and curtains, and bolsters can be apple green. Any additional furniture, such as a chest or captain’s chair, can be painted white.

Decorate the white cabinets with lots of spicy orange and bright yellow accessories, and put lots of blue pillows on the bed.

Dive into this ’70s bedding from the 1973 JC Penney catalog

Click on any image below to see larger catalog pages, and to start the slideshow!

1970s sheets and bedding for kids

Retro kids' patterned sheets and bedding from the seventies (2)

Retro kids' patterned sheets and bedding from the seventies (3)

Retro kids' patterned sheets and bedding from the seventies (4)

Retro kids' patterned sheets and bedding from the seventies (1)

Primary color sheets and bedding for a 1970s boy's room

Retro 70s bedding with Katie - Vintage Holly Hobbie-like doll

Vintage colorblock bedding for kids (1972)

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  1. I love all the stuff that was popular in the 70’s. I can find a lot of that stuff at resale shops and rummage sales. To me a lot of it was very elegant.

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