Spring’s a-ringin’ with convenient new phones in colorful tones! (1962)

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blue princess telephone 1962

Spring’s a-ringin’ with convenient new phones in colorful tones!

Flower-fresh colors that will help you decorate

EXTENSION PHONES… like the lovely new Princess put springtime calls at your elbow in bedroom, kitchen, den or basement playroom. When the ring’s for you, just reach for the nearest extension, save time and steps. For touches of beauty, choose the phones you need in flower-fresh colors that will help you decorate. The choice is wide, the cost is low.

Like daffodils set to music

THE BELL CHIME . . . gives a new Spring lilt to your telephone service. Like daffodils set to music, melodic notes announce the calls for all your phones. The Bell Chime can also be set for the regular ring or for a louder bell when fine weather takes you outdoors to garden or entertain. Comes in your choice of soft gold or ivory finishes.

Save many a step and a stair

HOME INTERPHONE . . . brings new convenience to springtime living. Now you can talk room-to-room, answer the door, over the same phones you use for regular calls. You can relay outside calls, even mind the baby, and save many a step and a stair.

To order or find our more about these services, just call the Business Office or ask your telephone man. – Bell Telephone System

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Add new phones in decorator colors

Brightening up your home for spring? Mixing paints? Choosing new draperies? Now’s the time to add handy phones in color to complement your own decorating ideas!


Spring’s a-Ringin’ telephone services – Convenient new phones in colorful tones


A blue Princess telephone from 1962

blue princess telephone 1962

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