Piano candle wreaths: Antique-style home decor (1862)

Piano candle wreaths

These little wreaths for the candles are quite easy to make, and have a very pretty effect.

We give two patterns, both of which are equally simple to execute. The leaves must be purchased (we can supply them), as they are much more perfect than those cut out at home; these leaves must be mounted by placing a short length-of fine wire at the back, and fastening it down by pasting a narrow strip of green paper over it, and twisting the remainder round the projecting wire, which forms the stalk; the berries are made of a little melted wax, colored with vermilion.

A short length of wire, with green paper twisted round them, bent over at the end, and dipped into the wax, is the most simple process. These leaves and berries are twisted round another wire the length that the wreath is required, and a narrow strip of green paper is wound round it; the ends of the principal wire are then turned round to form two hooks, which are passed through each other, and the wreath is formed.

The other pattern is made in the same manner, only instead of the berries it has flowers cut out in red cloth, with a black bead in the center, and the leaves may be varied to suit convenience.





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