Naugahyde: The Nauga’s hide – Vinyl faux leather (1967)

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Heard the one about the traveling Nauga?

It has a clean ending.

The Nauga is ugly, but his vinyl hide is beautiful. Naugahyde vinyl fabric. Buy luggage made of Naugahyde, and you’ll never cuss out a porter again. Naugahyde won’t crack, stain or race toward shabbiness. And it cleans up with a wipe of a sponge.

Another thing. You can put on the dog. People will think you’re sporting real leather.

Naugahyde is one of the biggest reasons leading luggage manufacturers are the leading luggage manufacturers.

The imaginary Nauga’s picture is on every piece of Naugahyde luggage. Look for him. Then you’ll know the luggage you buy is stronger than dirt. (If you can’t find the Nauga, find another store.)

Remember — The Nauga is ugly, hut his vinyl hide is beautiful.


The indestructible Nauga

Sadder but wiser mothers pray for permanent furniture. The Nauga answers those prayers. With the hide off his back. Naugahyde vinyl fabric.


Cover your rottenest chair with my vinyl hide – Naugahyde – and get 2 things:

1) A beautiful chair

2) A beautiful Nauga doll exactly like me for just $1!


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