Mini gardens: The Folarium greenhouse & indoor sunshine machines (1974)

Note: This article may feature affiliate links, and purchases made may earn us a commission at no extra cost to you. Find out more here.

Note: This article may feature affiliate links, and purchases made may earn us a commission at no extra cost to you. Find out more here.

Aladdin: The indoor sunshine machines & Folarium mini greenhouse

Aladdin’s Greenery Machinery combines the features of professional gardening products the indoor gardening hobbyist can appreciate.

Aladdin indoor sunshine machines

New products for indoor gardeners

Anyone with a green thumb itching for ways to make indoor gardening more adventuresome and the results more attractively visible will enthusiastically welcome a new line of horticultural products developed by Aladdin Industries, Inc., Nashville, Tennessee.

For those who have already progressed to an almost professional level of horticultural achievement, one of the new Aladdin products in the Phyto-Gro Chamber, a fully-controlled growth chamber providing 30 square feet of shelf space in only 10 square feet of floor space. The chamber’s temperature, humidity, light and ventilation can be automatically maintained to produce the exact growing environment needed by virtually any plant.

The Phyto-Gro Chamber’s interior is tightly illuminated by grow-lights and clear plastic doors provide a full view of the plants imide.

For the less technically inclined indoor gardener, Aladdin has developed the Folarium, an indoor “greenhouse” that is also an attractive plant display case. The Folarium is equipped with a grow-light for maintaining plant growth, starting seedlings and reviving ailing plants. It also has a reservoir for water for maintaining proper humidity.

Folariums may he placed anywhere either individually or stacked. The grow-light in each unit stances the appearance of plants inside and clear plastic side panels provide full visibility.

Closely related to the Folarium in a functional way is the new Aladdin Solar Window, a capsulated “greenhouse” that may be easily installed in any window capable of accommodating an air conditioner. The Solar Window allows plants to take full advantage of natural sunshine the year round in a fully protected atmosphere. A sliding drawer inside the window holds the plants and allows easy servicing from inside the house. It is ideal for growing herbs and starting seedling plants of all kinds.

Another new product in the Aladdin line is the plant caddy, which provides indoor gardeners with a convenient way to move plants to various locations inside the home for display and care.ltisa stylish, ruggedly built out with three shelves each capable of supporting 75 pounds. In addition to its functional advantages, the Plant Caddy’s decorative design makes it a uniquely attractive unit on which to display plants anywhere in the home.

As the final item in its new line, Aladdin offers a set of Tiny Tillers, which every indoor gardener can use. These are miniature garden tools designed especially for working with potted plants. The set includes a trowel, rake, and cultivating blade, all of stainless steel with tough molded plastic handles.

In order to be certain that all its new horticultural products meet the highest technical standards, all product developmental stages have been reviewed by an advisory panel of indoor gardening experts.

Aladdin Folarium greenhouse for plants

Ideal for displaying plants in any room, the Aladdin Folarium also gives plants a healthy indoor environment. Plants are placed on a drain pan with a water reservoir underneath that acts as a built-in humidifier for the entire chamber.

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