How to make a space-saving guest wall for visitors (1961)

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How to make a space-saving guest wall for visitors (1961)

How to make a space-saving guest wall for visitors (1961)

Make a space-saving guest wall

A room within a room for expanding families and extra guests

Here’s an idea designed to make one room serve two purposes . . . a cozy, practical family room, plus well-planned facilities for extra guests or family additions. Simply choose the Weyerhaeuser 4-Square wood paneling that best suits your individual tastes then build a paneled wall out from the actual wall of your living room, family room or extra bedroom, and you have the basis for some startling innovations.

A full-size bed by night partially slides into a recess to become a comfortable daytime sofa. Above, built-in shelves keep books, radio and clock within easy reach. And there is plenty of additional shelf space . . . adjustable to the height you desire . . . behind those rich-grained wood paneled doors. A folding door swings back to reveal a generous closet. Two drawers provide space for sweaters and undergarments, yet form a handy platform for shoes and suitcases.

A room divider doubles as a headboard for the bed with enough working surface for many display variations. On the other side . . . a study corner . . . desk wall . . . or TV lounge, whichever you prefer.

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How to build this space-saving guest wall

Construction is simple. Do it yourself, or arrange to have it professionally built.

Suggested material: Weyerhaeuser 4-Square flat grain Western red cedar with Nu-Loc paneling and finish.

Better living begins with your 4-Square lumber and plywood dealer. See him for valuable building and financing information, complete job estimates, other carefully designed plans . . . and a complete selection of Weyerhaeuser quality 4-Square lumber and plywood.

Space-saving guest wall building plan & design specifications

Space-saving guest wall building plan-design specifications

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