These groovy floral sheets & bedding from the ’70s had major flower power

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Floral retro sheets & bedding (1970)

Spring is bursting out all over. While the tulips are blooming in the garden, a gal can add the look of spring to her bedroom.

The secret lies in a collection of sheets, towels and bedspreads designed to go together and make a decorating impact that just won’t stop.

One is Fieldcrest’s “Frost Flowers,” sure to add flower power to a room. This pattern is over-printed on solid color sheeting to bring the design into bolder relief than usual.

Manufacturers of towels, bedspreads and sheets, recognizing that women often want to make changes without doing a complete redecorating or refurbishing job, have come up with bright, colorful offerings to whet any women’s decorating appetite.

One has introduced a new collection of bedspreads in designs ranging from elegant to traditional to plain. Some are dazzling prints; others are contemporary abstracts or traditional Jacobean. All are available with matching curtains, valances and table rounds to easily achieve a total look.

Another has coordinated sheets, towels and bedspreads, making it possible to choose a design for both bath and bedroom that is dramatic.

In any event, when the heat of summer arrives, the urge to decorate will diminish as the move to outdoor activities begins. It will probably take the first cool fall breeze to bring the restlessness to the fore once again.

Retro big two-color flower sheets from 1970

Felicity & Chanson floral sheets by Fieldcrest

Vintage Daisy Delight floral sheets

Vintage Cannon floral sheets from 1974

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Serenity blue retro sheets & bedding

Retro blue flowers on sheets from 1970

White flowers on bold colored backgrounds

Cannon’s Dogwood florals in blue, pink & gold – sheets and towels

Vintage floral sheets

Wamsutta Paint Box & Uptown bedspreads

Beautiful bedspreads in prints by Wamsutta that go from washer to dryer to bed, without the touch of an iron

Paint Box: brilliantly-hued abstract floral throw style spread with fringed edges. Machine-wash; tumble dry. Of 50% Fortrel polyester, 50% cotton . . . with 2% built-in shrinkage control. Gold, pink or blue.

Uptown: throw style fashion bedspread with ball-fringed edges. Overall floral pattern on black with a dash of white and yellow. Woven of 50% cotton, 50% Fortrel polyester, machine washable; no-iron; with 2% shrinkage control.

Springmaid Gala

Springmaid Gala cotton no-iron percale sheets. Lively prints in orange/yellow, blue/green or pink/green.

Bath towels: Fringed cotton velour in floral pink, blue or gold.

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Springmaid & J P Stevens sheet sets

Gypsy by Springmaid: Cherry red/blue green patchwork print on polyester-cotton muslin

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Echotone by Springmaid: Two-tone pastel stripes in pink, blue, gold or green.

J P Stevens Antoinette: Pastel floral print in pink, blue or yellow

Convertible bedspread/sleeping bags

Retro flower power bedding from the 70s (2)

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3 Vera original patterns from Burlington House (1970)

Left to right: Rainbow stripe in yellow-orange, pink-red, brown-black. Waterways in blue-green or orange-yellow. Daisy Chain on gold or brown grounds with black. A touch of black on flat sheets and pillowcases.

Rainbow stripe and Waterways available at all stores. Daisy Chain available at Macy’s Herald Square, Roosevelt Field, White Plains, Queens and Kings Plaza only.

3 Vera original patterns from Burlington House (1970)

Real decorator luxury in a reversible comforter

Beautiful, bold and bright. Floral pattern can be the focal point in your bedroom decor; what’s mreo is it reverses to a solid color.

Huge flowers on reversible comforters from the '70s

Aloha vintage sheets & bedroom decor (1970s)

We’ve collected crowds of tropical blossoms to transform your bedroom into a beauty room. Aloha is one of our new decorator fashions… Now you can run away to the islands without ever leaving home.

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Cannon sheets - Monticello decorator home fashions - Blue flowers

Super bold happy floral print bedspreads - daisies and springtime patterns

Burlington House sheets: Flower Bed & Devonshire Garden

Vintage Springmaid Printilism flowered bedding from 1970

Vintage Springmaid MOMA floral bedding from 1973]

Floral quilted bedspreads with elegant ball fringe

'70s Floral-printed quilted bedroom throws with matching drapes

Floral pattern '70s bedspreads & sheets

Fieldcrest’s Frost Flowers sheet set in pink

Exciting, fresh look of modern flowers abloom. Colors: pink, blue, gold

Pink frost flowers sheet set 1970


Hand-guided outline quilting for blue, pink and gold color schemes

Double-ruffled flounce canopy bedding with big flowers in sunbeam yellow, blue and orchid pink

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