See vintage kitchen carpet from when it was popular home decor in the ’60s & ’70s

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See some vintage kitchen carpeting from back when they thought it was a good idea

Viking Kitchen Carpet is for women who don’t believe in kitchen carpet.

Because it works… and we can prove it!

Want to see what happens when we smear oil over it… pour grape juice on it… scrub it with a stiff wire brush… put a lighted cigarette out on it?

Come watch our mess test. Happening now — live — at your Viking dealer. Seeing is believing, isn’t it?

Viking vintage kitchen carpet from 1968

The vintage kitchen carpet pitch (1968)

“Worried about soil and spills?” says Phyllis Kirk. “Viking Explorer just shrugs them off. The built-in, waterproof barrier keeps accidents on top. A vacuum or sponge is all you need. Color stays bright, and lasts, because it’s woven clear through, not just printed on.

“Viking Explorer makes a family room out of your kitchen. Floors become soft and warm enough for baby.  They’re bouncy too, which means more comfort for you. And safer when dishes drop, because of Viking Explorer’s super-dense, super-tight nylon pile over a B. F. Goodrich natural sponge rubber undercushion.

“Go to your Viking dealer and have him prove to you that Viking works—so you don’t have to. Imagine, no more waxing or buffing, ever! “Make sure you ask for Viking. It’s the genuine kitchen carpet!”

1968 Kitchen carpet for the home

Vintage kitchen carpeting with a red and white gingham check pattern

Red checked kitchen carpet from 1967

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The Stunner kitchen carpeting from Sears (1968)

… so glorious in design, so dramatic in color. Four patterns, thirteen colors in all.

Kitchen carpeting in blue and white from Sears 1968

Vintage shag carpeting for the kitchen (1969)

Kitchen carpets have to be practical. Masland made them practically elegant.

The typical kitchen carpet would be a lot more at home in an office building. Or maybe in somebody’s garage. Because, frankly, that’s what it was made for. Neither rain nor sleet nor chicken soup could penetrate that formidable surface. 

But, alas, the typical kitchen carpet has a face that only a carpet salesman could love. So Masland created the un-typical kitchen carpet of DuPont nylon — carpets with enough color and style to stand up to paisley refrigerators and vinyl-covered walls.

Galore, shown here, is only one of four shags Maskland makes of DuPont filament nylon, certified 501. They’re all wear-resistant and spot-resistant. Spills clean up easily. All four are as practical as a kitchen carpet should be. And as elegant as a kitchen carpet can be. 

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Masland kitchen shag carpets from 1969


New kitchen carpet in multicolor patterns

As durable as the famous Ozite Outdoor-Indoor carpet. No waxing, polishing. Rubber back. Attractive Grille Petite and Confetti patterns.

Vintage Ozite kitchen carpeting

Give yourself a soft life with Niagara kitchen carpet (1969)

Niagara Indoor/Outdoor Carpet can take anything a kitchen can dish out. So you don’t have to mop, scrub or wax it. You just vacuum it. Even spills wipe right up! … Niagara is faced with a big new super fiber of Marvess olefin CG by Phillips Fibers. It outwears other olefins 2 to 1. So strong, it survived the destructive power of Niagara Falls! So unconquerable, you get the world’s first No Strings 3-Year Guarantee. If it wears out, rots, or weather affects it in any way, Phillips Fibers will replace every yard free. 

1969 Kitchen carpeting retro-style

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Monarch carpets are designed for any kitchen you can dream up (1973)

We make kitchen carpets in 68 pattern and color combinations, and every one of them is protected from greasy spills and stains by “Scotchgard” Carpet Protector. They’re made of 100% nylon fiber, with comfortable, cushioned rubber backing. So you don’t need padding. Your Monarch dealer would like to help you choose the ideal carpet for your Dream Kitchen. Stop in soon.

Kitchen carpeting for the home from 1973 (5)

Kitchen carpeting for the home from 1973 (1)

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Kitchen carpeting for the home from 1973 (2)

Kitchen carpeting for the home from 1973 (3)

Kitchen carpeting for the home from 1973 (4)

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Any indoor-outdoor carpet that can take drenching rain and scorching sun can handle anything that falls off your kitchen table.

Mohawk’s House ‘n’ Garden can take that and more. That’s why its “approved for outdoor use” by Monsanto, the people who make Acrilan.

But we know that kitchens have special hazards all their own. So we actually tested House ‘n Garden in people’s homes. We put it through grease spills, broken eggs, and bands of muddy footed little kids. Now a carpet that performs like that sounds like it’s made of iron. Fact is, you’d never believe anything luxurious enough to go into your living room could possibly take that much abuse.

House ‘n Garden looks like real carpeting because it is real carpeting. It’s made with 100% solution-dyed Acrilan acrylic pile. Stains can’t stain it. The sun can’t fade it. And water can’t be absorbed by it. A kitchen carpet like House ‘n Garden means less breakage, less noise, and ridiculously easy maintenance. Just a simple vacuuming brings an end to bucket-and-mop routines and keeps your kitchen in living room luxury.

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You can carpet a 12 x 10 foot kitchen for under $100 plus a small charge for installation. But there’s no limit to where you can put House ‘n Garden. It was made for every place in the house people live. Since it’s made with a special backing of embossed foam Latex, you can install it as is or over cushion. (Mohawk Cushion makes it feel as good as it looks.)

So the next time you drag the old mop and pail around, remember Mohawk’s House ‘n Garden. We constructed it to look good in even tougher places than your kitchen. 

Retro Mohawk brand carpet for the kitchen from 1960s

Change your way of life: CARPET the KITCHEN (1960s-1970s)

Barwick kitchen carpet

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