Introducing the first Touch-N-Cook Range – a flat-top ceramic stove with touch control panel (1973)

The first Touch-N-Cook Range in history - from Frigidaire and General Motors 1973

Introducing the first Touch-N-Cook Range in history.

From Frigidaire and General Motors… naturally

Introducing the first Touch-N-Cook Range in history

For 55 years, we’ve been bringing you firsts in appliances, but this is one of the greatest firsts by Frigidaire and General Motors.

We’ve replaced all the dials and knobs with a smooth, glass, solid-state control panel.

You don’t turn anything on, you touch it on. The oven. The surface cooking units. The temperature. Everything. And the digital control panel displays your instructions so you can see if they’re correct. This range is just as easy to clean as it is to cook on. The glass control panel wipes clean in seconds, the top is ceramic — that wipes clean, too — and the oven can clean itself. And we back everything with a 5-year Nationwide Protection Plan.

See the Touch-N-Cook Range at your dealer soon. Only Frigidaire makes it.

You get a 1-year Warranty for repair of any defect in the entire range, plus 4-year Protection Plan (parts only) for furnishing replacement for any defective or malfunctioning Touch Control Glass Panel and Circuit Board, Surface Heating Units and Surface Unit Thermal Relays and Oven Heating Units and Oven Sensor.

Frigidaire… Home Environment Division of General Motors.

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