Household in the pink: Pink home accessories & decor (1955)

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LIFE May 2, 1955 Pink household 2

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Household in the pink

Having run the gamut in clothes, pink has moved in on home furnishings, and is seeping into every room of the house.

Some of the uses seem harsh for such a delicate color, but pink remains fresh-looking in its new working guise, and blends well with other colors, even red.

In an attempt to make dishwashing seem as engagingly feminine as bubble bathing, there is even a new Dreft which turns waters pink, though not the suds.

The newly pink products above, almost all housewares available at Macy’s, are from left: heart wallpaper, chandelier, Victorian clothes rack, clock, mop, blanket, lighting fixture, ottoman…

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LIFE May 2, 1955 Pink household 2

LIFE May 2, 1955 pink house

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