Everything for the home in the 1963 Gold Bell gift stamp catalog

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Gold Bell stamps home gift catalog from 1963

Note: This article may feature affiliate links, and purchases made may earn us a commission at no extra cost to you. Find out more here.

This catalog of household goods was published to help people ‘spend’ the gift stamps they had earned at the grocery store — much like the better-known Green Stamps. Introduced in the mid-’50s by Detroit’s Big Bear supermarkets, Gold Bell stamps were mainly distributed in Michigan and the Midwest.

The Gold Bell gift stamps catalog offered almost everything you can imagine for the mid-century home: furniture, appliances, dishes, flatware, kitchenware, linens, tools, toys, bicycles, sports equipment, baby gear, clocks, luggage and car accessories. Many name brands were represented, and the whole thing was staged as Mrs America’s choice of products. (See more about Mrs America at the end of this page.)

For now, sit back and take a tour of all the gifts and goodies people in the sixties could earn by shopping at certain supermarkets!

Gold Bell stamps home gift catalog from 1963

GOLD BELL, and the friendly nearby merchant who gives you Gold Bell Gift Stamps, invite you to see these Masterpieces of Merchandise on display at the pleasant Gold Bell Redemption Center nearest your home.

This catalog is effective September 4, 1963, and replaces and cancels all previous catalogs. The word “Book” as it appears in this catalog means a GOLD BELL Savings Book completely filled with 1200 Gold Bell Gift Stamps only.

Gold Bell gift stamps catalog: Masterpieces of Merchandise

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Mrs America: The nation’s #1 homemaker

MRS. AMERICA OF 1962-63, Mrs. LILA MASSON, green-eyed, auburn-haired mother of three, from Detroit, Michigan. Mrs. Masson, a vibrant 39, has been married to her husband, Cleve, for 19 years. She won her title of “Mrs. America”, the nation’s top homemaker, over 50 other top homemakers from every state in the union in a series of homemaking events at the nationally-known homemaking competition.

Since her coronation, she has been traveling throughout the country for personal appearances, constantly championing the ever-increasing importance of the American homemaker in our country. At the conclusion of her reign, a new “Mrs. America” for 1963-1964 was chosen, and Mrs. Masson assumed her current title of Mrs. U.S.A.

Your assurance of good value . . . the Seal of Mrs. America, Inc.

A consumer value panel consisting of state and national winners of the title of Mrs. America has checked and approved the consumer values offered in this gift catalog. The Seal of Mrs. America, Inc., denotes their approval of the stamp program and consumer values offered in it.

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